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5. The Easter Bully Transformation Project

ISBN 9781532900785 (256 pages)
April 10, 2017
Ages 9-12

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The Project Kids really have their work cut out for themselves this time. After Peter Johansen nearly destroyed the Valentine’s Dance, you might expect the Project Kids to be glad to see the last of ‘Pimple Pete’. So why are they reaching out to him – and what do they hope to achieve?

As one small idea takes on a life of its own and one of their team is struck down in their prime, they find themselves struggling to answer one simple question: Can they actually un-bully a bully? …And should they even try?

The answer lies in an unexpected place…and not even the Easter Bunny can help them.

Parent/Teacher Note:
This next book in the Project Kids Adventures series sees the kids tackling several interrelated projects at once.

While carefully investigating the reasons behind Pimple Pete’s bullying behavior, they find themselves engaged in a cause that extends well beyond the school and their community.


“In this riveting story, Gary is at his best, taking us through the key phases of the life of projects imparting his wisdom along the way. As the father of an early teen, I consider the Easter Bully Transformation Project a valuable resource to introduce my son to an important life skill.” – Yohan Abrahams, President PMI UK chapter 2014-16

“Gary Nelson reminds us with this book that projects have a transformative effect on society.

The generation of our children, digital natives, have more social media and sources of information than ever before. They face their own challenges with greater social concern. But they need to develop communication skills, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, all project management skills, to become a TEAM that materializes their projects, their dreams.

Large or small projects have a social impact, and a good idea to help a person can have a multiplier effect on our environment.” – Carlos J. Pampliega, PMP, Keynote Listener

“It is really hard to find books like the ones Gary writes anywhere else.  Speaking in an easy, direct way about the science of managing projects to kids, through stories that capture everyone’s imagination is a task that does not come easily but Gary masters it.

In this new book, as in Gary’s previous ones, the young readers are taken smoothly step by step on what feels more like an adventure, rather than a project assignment.  Fun and learning are mixed along the way and everyone, including kids and their parents can enjoy the ride!” – Roberto Toledo, MBA, PMP, CEO of Alpha Consultoria, SA and former PMI Educational Foundation Board Chair

“The art of storytelling is a powerful way to teach new concepts. I am really amazed by the comfortable manner in which Gary has covered project management fundamentals in his new book. The written text is easy to understand, which helps the ideas stick. All in all a fabulous and interesting read for the target audience”. – Fahad Ahmed, PMP, President PMI Karachi Pakistan Chapter