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3. The Amazing Science Fair Project


ISBN 978-1502518088 (Paperback,  234 pages) May 3, 2015
Ages 9-12
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Amanda was terrified. Sure, she and her friends had built a huge tree house and an awesome haunted house together – but now she was in way over her head. Those projects had been for fun – but this one was going to be marked! She and her lab partners have to do a class project for the School Science Fair – but they have absolutely no idea where to start or even what to do. Have they finally met their match?

Meanwhile, the boys have big problems of their own, and the outcome of their project could mean life or death! OK, maybe not actual death, but they could end up cold, wet and hungry, and with no electronics…for a whole weekend!

Join the Project Kids in their third big adventure as they come together to unravel the mysteries of Mice, Men…and Marshmallows.

Parent/Teacher Note:

In this next adventure, the skills the Project Kids learned on their first two big projects are reinforced and expanded as the girls and boys separate to work on distinctly different projects. The book will also cover practical steps and strategies to plan, research, run experiments and report on findings for a Science Fair project.


“Gary develops another children’s story in a very fluid, visual, fun and conversational way, while showing us how the concepts and essential skills of project management can be easily and effectively applied in school or daily life projects.

It is not only an excellent reading book but also a good reference and tool for teachers and parents to convey to their children the universal language of project management.
A must-read book for children, teachers, schools and …project managers, to support PMI school initiatives.”
Isabelina Jorge, PMP – PMI Portugal Chapter

“Such an amazing read! The kids are funny, smart, organized, yet they still act like kids. This should be a recommended reading in school because it inspires the young readers to value good grades and to exert true effort in their studies.”
Jannell Cajote, Phillipines

“This is a captivating children’s story which presents how to plan and execute a project in order to achieve success using basic project management concepts. I would recommend it to anyone, both children and adults, who are interested in learning about project management as a useful life skill.”
Agnieszka Krogulec, PMI Poland Chapter

“This book is outstanding!   It teaches us kids that we can make a project out of literally everything we do. I enjoyed reading the book, and can’t wait for the next one.”
Sofia Triana, Age 10 – 5th grade

“THIS BOOK IS GREAT for young people (by age or at heart), and is a fresh story with plenty of easy-to-understand hints about project management. If you are new to projects, you will learn a lot following Amanda and their friends while also having a lot of fun!

If you are already in the world of projects, you will learn something new and see what you do as a Project Manager from a very different perspective.”
Giorgio Bensa, PMP – Membership Director,  PMI Northern Italy Chapter – PMI Volunteer of the year (2012) for creating the “Project in Bloom” contest