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The old saying “Busy as a beaver,” doesn’t necessarily mean busy beavers get things done on time. It’s possible for beavers and people to be very busy, but not very productive. In this book for children ages 8 and up, Lando Banager, a beaver with an uncanny ability to get things done on time, shares his secrets of Project Management with his new beaver colony. As children read along they not only pick up the key words and concepts of Project Management, but see why it’s important to plan out a project. Lando takes his colony through a Project Management Plan to build their dam and a lodge before the snow flies and the wolves come. Colorful illustrations of both the beavers and their management plan make it easy for kids to follow along. Best read with an adult who can answer questions, but entertaining as well as educational.

Ira Seiken, PMP (2010) ISBN 978-1452824024, 54 pages

Illustrated by Asuka Forest

Available through major online retailers including Amazon.