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Book News

October 2017 is the last month for paperback discount treats

Yes, it's true - and not a Halloween 'trick'. Amazon is closing down the CreateSpace eStores, which have allowed independent authors like myself to setup discount codes for paperback sales on individual books.

As of October 31, 2017 the eStore links will all forward to the book pages on Amazon, and there will be no ability to provide discounts on paperbacks.

Who will finish their tree house first? The Ultimate Tree House Project 2.0

Join the fun as the Project Kids' first adventure comes to life in a strategy game based on The Ultimate Tree House Project book. Who will win - the boys, the girls - or you? Read about the game here.

Announcing The Easter Bully Transformation Project

Just in time for Easter - The Easter Bully Transformation Project is now available!

Not only is it available in English, it was also released in Portuguese on the same day - thanks to the efforts of the PMI Portugal chapter translation team, led by Isabelina Jorge and Iris Pinhão.


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