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Join the fun as the Project Kids’ first adventure comes to life in a strategy game based on The Ultimate Tree House Project book. Who will win – the boys, the girls – or you?
COMPETE – against the other teams to see who will finish their tree house first.
COLLABORATE – during the team build, pool your team resources to exchange for the drawn Build card(s), but only if you have enough of the right resources.
COOPERATE – some times the other team will hold some of the cards that you need, so some trading may be in order. How badly do you want that rope for your ladder?
CALCULATE RISK – should you trade Resources for Build cards you don’t yet need, and hold them until you can place them in the tree? If the other team finishes their tree before you do, it will count against you. Of course, if you get the right card next turn, your tree house will grow in leaps and bounds ahead of the other teams.
CHALLENGE – stretch your mind, your mouth or your body when you draw Challenge cards that give you the opportunity to gain more Resource cards while having some fun.
COMPLETE – your tree house according to the plan…or forgo the Bonus and keep on building to try and get more points.
COUNT – on a fun, engaging game that is full of buzz and energy – but doesn’t need batteries!

How it works

The basic game mechanics are quick to learn and easy to follow: collect and exchange RESOURCE cards to BUILD elements of your tree house (rope ladders, platforms, bridges, and some Luxury items than can help you build even faster).

Tree house building should be simple stuff, right?

Maybe so, but working on projects and trying to complete them “to plan” is rarely straightforward; LIFE always seems to happen along the way.

Drawn on each player’s turn, ACTIVITY cards introduce unpredictable outcomes as teams work together to handle distractions, risks, issues, challenges, quality control checks, changes of leadership, safety inspections and the occasional Disaster.

We all have our limitations, and you can only carry so many resources in your arms on your way to the tree. You may find yourself dropping some of them along the way…but which will you keep, and which will you let go? What might you need next turn?
Decisions, decisions…

PSSST!! LEARNING THROUGH PLAY: This game encourages teamwork, communication, collaboration and strategic thinking as the players work together on their ‘project’ in a small team setting.

PLAY THE GAME – take the place of the Project Kids with your own teams, as you work together to try and complete the Ultimate Tree House Project!