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4. Finish Up (Closeout)


So, your project is almost done. “Wait”, you say! “Not almost, my project is finished, see?Here it is!

Well, OK then. You may have finished working on your project, but is is actually finished? Did it look like you wanted it to, or at least close? Perhaps it is good enough – and that’s all right too.

As part of the “Finish Up” phase, there are a few things we should all do on our projects.

  • Check to see how close what we made is to what we wanted it to be like – we compare the result to the requirements.
  • Celebrate! Your team worked hard, so why shouldn’t you celebrate with a pizza, some treats or even a little party when you are finished? – Especially if you have been working on it for a while.
  • Talk about what worked well, and what did not work so well. What would you do differently next time? Make sure to write these ideas down as your Lessons Learned.

Discussion Questions

  • In The Ultimate Tree House Project, did they Project Kids celebrate? If so, how?
  • What did Ben’s father ask the children?