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3. Do (Execution)


This is where we “do” a lot of the work for our project. After you have done your up-front planning, it is time to gather your tools, materials and team, and start putting things together. You will still do some planning in this phase, but it will be more detailed around the specific tasks you are working on.

For example, “Build a rope ladder” was in the plan – but exactly how are you going to do it? How are you going to fasten it to the tree, how much rope will you need, how much wood, how are you going to put the steps on? etc. These are all details that you will discuss in your team and come up with solutions for how to solve or do them. Unexpected things can happen when you try to do something and just get started, without really knowing how you are going to do it. Just ask the boys!

Discussion Questions

  • In The Ultimate Tree House, how did the boys approach building their tree house? How was it different than the girls?