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5. Lead, Check & Correct (Control)


Projects can be a lot of work, and they can be a lot of fun too, when you work together as a team.

Lead is about making sure everyone is working together well as a team, solving problems together, settling disagreements and so on.

Check & Correct is about checking on progress and what people are doing so that we still end up with what we had planned – so that nobody wanders off in a different direction and creates something different than they were supposed to. If you check and they are doing something else or doing it incorrectly, you can correct what they are doing – maybe they need to redo it, or stop doing what they were doing and get back to the task they should be working on. Be nice though – nobody likes a bossy person!

Discussion Questions

  • In The Ultimate Tree House, what did Amanda and the others do before the Grand Opening?
  • How did they make sure they had enough materials?