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About the Illustrator (books 1-4)

My name is Mathew Frauenstein. Amongst other things I enjoy drawing and gaming, so these activities tend to take up most of my free time. However, when I am not doing either of those I will be sleeping, eating or sitting through another day of that horrid activity known as school. At the time of writing this stanza I am living in New Zealand, a very green country known for its friendly natives and its endangered national bird the Kiwi (sadly it cannot fly). However I have not always lived in New Zealand, but rather I was born in South Africa, where the first four years of my life were spent doing what babies normally do: eat, cry, sleep and fill their diapers with gifts for their parents.

Books illustrated:

  • The Ultimate Tree House Project
  • The Scariest Haunted House project – Ever!
  • The Amazing Science Fair Project
  • The Valentine’s Day Project Disaster